The consumption of live foods such as sauerkraut or yogurt is essential for our health.

As in everything, our health is a matter of balance and our intestinal flora can easily become unbalanced. Situations estresanes, hormonal changes or the consumption of antibiotics are just some of the things that can unbalance our microbiota.

Probiotics are essential for our digestive system and also favor our overall health. Whether we consume them with food or in the form of a supplement, probiotics help maintain the optimal amount of bacteria necessary for our health.

6 reasons to consume probiotics

Although consuming probiotics has a positive impact on our entire body, in this article you will discover six specific benefits for people who usually include in their diet.

1. They combat obesity and diabetes

Some studies confirm that the consumption of probiotics can contribute to improve the metabolism of glucose and fats.

2. They contribute to your emotional well-being

Taking probiotics can help you reduce stress. We already know that the brain and the intestine are connected. The consumption of the right bacteria can help to promote relaxation. They also help to avoid anxiety and depression.

3. Probiotics take care of the liver

The liver is a great filter of toxins for the body. We depend on it for many of our most basic functions, so it is very important to keep it healthy.

It is recommended to consume daily soy yogurt or any other vegetable yogurt with L. Bulgaricus and Thermophilius, two bacteria that are responsible for transforming milk into yogurt. This helps repair the damage to the liver before it becomes diseased.

4. They prevent colds

Children who consume more probiotics tend to have fewer colds and flu and, if they contract colds, they suffer milder and less lasting symptoms.

5. Probiotics fight the side effects of antibiotics

When we take antibiotics, we often encounter unpleasant side effects. While antibiotics fight harmful bacteria, they also destroy the beneficial bacteria that live in our intestines, which can cause intestinal discomfort or an imbalance between bacterial populations.

Taking probiotics with antibiotics protects our natural flora and avoids the annoying side effects of antibiotics.

6. They relieve the irritable bowel

If you have intestinal discomfort usually, irritable bowel syndrome or abdominal pain, taking probiotics can help relieve these symptoms. Patients with irritable bowel syndrome who consume probiotics suffer less pain, less swelling and less flatulence